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The Radavist For Team Dream…

Or is it Team Dream for The Radavist?  Regardless, this was awesome!  

As a consumer, I like to know the ways and means a company (especially in the cycling industry) came out. Regardless as to what my relationship is to Sean Talkington of Team Dream Bicycling Team, there was something about what he started doing last year that piqued my interest.

So, it’s a team, but it’s not a team. It’s a team for people who aren’t on teams, which makes it arguably one of the biggest teams in the world. That’s kind of like a dream team, right? Something like that.

When Sean began working on his Rizzle Dizzle kits, and his Mondrian Homage vest, we wanted to do a little something more than just post photos and send people over to his store. Below is a backstory, or a history as to what inspires Sean to continuously push Team Dream’s product line.”

All photos by Jesse Carmody

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Yeah dat.

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